Is there an Android version?
Hopefully one day there will be! An Android version is in the works, but right now it's for iOS only.

What genre is Farting Felix?
Well, really it's several different games within one. The game consists of five episodes set in different worlds, each of which feature enough content to be sold separately as a stand-alone game. Each episode explores a different gameplay genre - there is a platformer, an endless runner, a side-scrolling shooter and even a puzzle game.

How much gameplay is there?
Loads! It will take at least 10-15 hours to complete the game - if you're good. Even longer if you suck!

How much does it cost?
The first episode is 100% FREE to play. The other episodes can be individually purchased for $0.99, or ALL episodes can be purchased for $1.99. Once unlocked, the episodes are yours to play without restrictions forever - no consumable purchases, no more hidden costs.

The idea is to implement "Free-to-play" in a non-exploitative way (that we call "Fair-to-play") - rather than chase high spending "whales", we wanted to offer the entire game for a fair price whilst still offering a free option.