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Farting Felix is an easy to learn, difficult to master game for iOS about a flatulent fennec fox. It features challenging, varied gameplay across 5 separate episodes. Each episode is a stand-alone game that explores a different gameplay genre; it combines elements of an endless runner, an action platformer, a logic puzzle game and a side-scrolling shooter.

Farting Felix features an unusual, ethical business model. This means that the first episode is 100% free-to-play. The other episodes can be individually purchased for $0.99, or ALL episodes can be purchased for $1.99. Once unlocked, the episodes are yours to play without restrictions forever - no consumable purchases, no more hidden costs.

The idea is to implement "Free-to-play" in a non-exploitative way (that we call "Fair-to-play") - rather than chase high spending "whales", we wanted to offer the entire game for a fair price whilst still offering a free option.

With its wide range of gameplay, objectives to complete and collectible outfits, Farting Felix is a challenging game to master with 10+ hours of play time.


  • "Fair-to-play" business model - free with an IAP purchase limit of $2
  • Get chased by a hungry monster in The Hills
  • Fight off hordes of angry farmers in The Desert
  • Conquer the hostile platforming challenges of The Temple
  • Solve brain-mashing laser puzzles in The Factory
  • Get your wish granted by Lord Stardust in The End
  • Procedurally generated landscapes and appearances
  • 89 unlockable outfits for Felix
  • Created by a true "indie" one-man studio


Available in: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian.

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Selected Reviews

“Farting Felix offers a surprising amount of variety and entertainment[...] it’s quite a good price for so much content. Variety really is the spice of life.” 4 / 5 Stars
Jennifer Allen, 148apps.com

“It doesn’t matter who you are, if you like funny games with great art and smooth controls, then flying through the air shooting lasers from a dirigible or farting your way through the clouds is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon!” 5 / 5 Stars
PandDmom, Little Games Blog

“The title is particularly funny. Farting Felix is a game that, despite first impressions, becomes very addictive.”
Onidra, GameGuideFR

“I think you’ll be surprised. I was really shocked how a game which looked simple, actually had me playing for hours and hours.” 5 / 5 Stars

“Great fun for kids and adults alike. If you can’t enjoy a farting fox, then you’re not getting enough joy out of life.” 5 / 5 Stars

“Addictive, challenging, perfect!!!” 5 / 5 Stars

“EPIC Game!” 5 / 5 Stars

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Tom Tirapani
Game Design, Art Design, Sound Design, Code